The Five Pillars of Custer Road UMC

Our five pillars (Evangelism, Missions, Family Building, Disciple Making, and Worship) define not just who we are, but where we are going as a church. They came from a series of gatherings that lasted for more than a year. Pastors and members of Custer Road UMC met to seek God’s face and set us on a course for the future. Our five pillars were explained during our “We Are Custer Road” worship series, and were also discussed more fully in a series of “Town Hall” meetings. Below is the text from the Power Point presentation that was shown at those gatherings. The “Above and Beyond” campaign is a direct result of these pillars, and stems from the desire to, after 35 years of ministry, position us for the next 35 years of ministry to Plano.



Background & Purpose

Power of One Vision Team (POVT)

  • Established mid-year 2014
  • 35-40 members: Laity, clergy, and staff

Purpose of POVT

  • Listen, pray, discern and propose plans for the future vision of Custer Road UMC
  • Dedicated group of men and women having met numerous times
  • Presentation is proposed vision and plans for the future


Engagement of Consultant to assist in process

  • Colinasway, organization primarily comprised of current & past clergy, to mentor churches through process of formulating future vision and plans for a church
  • Various tools, assessments and methods deployed as part of process
  • Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of church, its ministries, staffing, etc.



  • Not every detail covered in presentation
  • One conclusion reached – church was founded and built on certain foundations (pillars) that still exist that need to be “shored up”
  • Project is a work in process –changes & adjustments will probably need to take place


Statements, Values & Virtues


VISION STATEMENT: Sharing God’s love to make followers of Jesus who serve all people

MISSION STATEMENT: Helping people know the love of Jesus


CORE VALUES: Worship, Connect, and Serve

VIRTUES: Generous, Gracious, Compassionate, Caring





WORSHIPERS: Dynamic Worship



  • To celebrate and honor God
  • To experience and know God deeply
  • To cultivate community and share our stories
  • To invest in people through Worship
  • To increase the number of people worshipping God


Goals and Objectives:

  • Improve worship space and experience
  • New multi–cultural worship opportunities
  • New worship venues
  • Modern worship option


Possible Resource Requirements:

  • Existing Sanctuary technology upgrades
  • New modern worship space



  • Sanctuary upgrades: 1-3 years (i.e. HD & Sound Improvements)
  • Modern worship: 1-3 years
  • Evaluate multi-cultural venues: 3-5 years



EVANGELISTS: Evangelism/Hospitality



  • To create a culture of invitation w/a clear vision of hospitality
  • Evangelism being an outward & proactive invitation to develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • To have a user-friendly, easy to navigate building
  • To create a way to easily transition guests to members
  • To make meaningful connections with members and guests


Goals and Objectives

  • Training members on hospitality & essentials of sharing their faith
  • Understand and define the target market
  • Targeted community outreach
  • Radical hospitality in all areas of the church
  • Develop a plan for “unconnected” members
  • Create an evangelism/hospitality “Standard of Care”


Support/Resource Requirements

  • Building Renovation
  • Intentional Communications with new guests/visitors



  • Now – 3 years






  • To introduce & share the love of Jesus in a safe, secure and nurturing environment
  • To minister to families from newborn to youth
  • To provide a compelling, holistic family ministry
  • To develop a community of parents who support each other

To empower families that will:

  • Worship
  • Connect
  • Serve


Goals for Children

  • To provide a children’s area that is safe, secure, sanitary and inviting to parents
  • To provide an area for children’s large group praise/worship
  • To establish small group faith development and relationship building
  • To expand Family Camp to engage more families
  • To engage children in a monthly church supported mission activity


Goals for Youth

  • To provide area for large group worship & praise (i.e. 300-400) and small group development areas
  • Create programs/events designed to connect youth/parents
  • Create programs to connect parents with other areas of the church (i.e. intergenerational connections)
  • Encourage young adults to service as volunteers/servants
  • Youth missions centered on making a large impact on fewer missions


Goals for Adults

  • To create a new modern worship option
  • To create small group opportunities encouraging young parent interaction like Bible Studies and offsite home groups
  • To build communities of young adults through a variety of activities like monthly family events
  • To incorporate new multi-use spaces for gatherings, large functions and small groups
  • To encourage parents to serve in the Children’s area on Sunday mornings and/or other areas their kids are involved in


Resource Requirements

  • Large, secure spaces for pre-k/elementary/youth
  • New large worship/praise spaces for children/youth
  • Updated classroom environments for small group learning and development
  • Additional storage spaces in all areas
  • Increased staffing in line with expected growth



Quick Wins: =< 1 year

  • Begin live stream of 9 am services
  • Convert current spaces in children’s area
  • Better equip greeters (i.e. iPads)
  • Create new family activities

Balance of actions: 1 – 3 years



DISCIPLE MAKERS: Discipleship/Leadership Development



  • Develop a path to discipleship and leadership that is highly effective in moving members from Worship, through Connections and into Service.


Goals and Objectives

  • To establish a strong lay driven Adult Ministry Council
  • To develop specific spiritual formation goals for adult education and development. (connected but not limited to our core values and virtues)
  • To develop a structured curriculum pathway
  • To improve existing mediums & create new methods of delivery of discipleship and leadership development content.
  • To develop and expand our adult small group ministry.
  • To create/improve the process of identifying, selecting, inviting and developing leaders.
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of discipleship and spiritual growth.



  • Facility renovations
  • Technology upgrades/improvement



Quick Wins: =< 1 Year

  • Adult Council
  • ExploreGod Home groups

Balance of action: 1-3 years
Increase participation: 1-3 years

MISSIONARIES: Signature Missions



To have signature, impactful missions that increase our love of God and our neighbor by:

  • Intentionally building trusted relationships
  • Growing together in Christ individually & collectively


Goals and Objectives

  • To establish mission measurement & evaluation
  • Connections to mission statements & core values
  • Impact of missions
  • Member involvement in missions
  • To partner or merge with local ministries working similar missions


  • Categorize missions so that they fit into one of the following associable/recognizable categories.
    • Homelessness/Poverty
    • Local School Ministry
    • Hunger
    • International & Special Projects


  • To adopt and promote signature missions
  • Missions making the most impact
  • Clearly defined process for each mission
  • Follow up to ensure physical and spiritual needs are being pursued & nourished



  • Offsite commercial space to anchor CRUMC Mission Ministry
    • Increased offsite storage/assembly areas for all missions
    • Enhanced onsite space for mission activities
    • Prominently placed donation area with easy access near main high traffic entrance



  • 1-2 years to complete all objectives




Building Committee

  • Continue to work with architect – finalize renovation plans given POVT work
  • Contractor / Request for Proposal – Costing of project
  • Work with Finance Cmte. – Feasibility to raise funds/Financing
  • Final recommendation to Board of Trustees for approval


Finance Committee

  • Engaged consultant to assist in process for Fall Capita Campaign
  • Work with Building Cmte. / Others regarding Renovation cost & future Operating Budget impact
  • Final recommendation and approval
  • Proceed with Capital Campaign


Communication & Approval Steps

  • Communicate with congregation (i.e.; future vision, at milestone marks, using various mediums, etc.)
  • Hold informative meeting with congregation allowing Q & A
  • Church Council – approval on all plans & actions
  • Charge Conference – for approval of all action


To approve and / or authorize:

  • The future vision and plans for Custer Road UMC as presented understanding that not all of the details have been addressed
  • Senior Minister and/or POVT to make necessary changes as deemed necessary or appropriate provided such action does not materially alter the direction or intent of plans
  • Move forward with implementation of all aspects of the plans unless for some reason some part is not feasible due to other church committee action
  • Provide periodic reports back to Church Council