Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we rebuilding when the building we have works fine?

Our current structures serve us very well. However, over time, different sections have been added on, causing a disjointed feeling and limiting the usefulness of some areas of the church. From the 5 Pillars that were identified in late 2015, our existing buildings were evaluated in light of these guiding principles. To move us forward to be who we feel God is calling us to be, a reimagined building can become the launching pad that can propel us into the next 35 years of ministry.

Some key highlights that speak to these Pillars are: A secure and engaging Children’s Ministry area, a prominent modern worship venue, and an open and welcoming foyer and gathering space.

How much will this cost?

Current building estimates from the architects range from $10- $10.5 million.

Why do we need a modern worship venue?

People experience God in different ways. All of us at Custer Road enjoy a traditional style of worship. As we ask how we might speak a cultural language that reaches those who are not here, the addition of another worship venue is seen as critical to attracting a more diverse population.

Where will we have functions that are currently held in Fellowship Hall?

The modern worship venue is a multi purpose space that can be utilized for dinners, workshops, and trainings in addition to worship. The new children’s areas also have large gathering space that may be used for other events much in the same manner that the Upper Room is currently utilized.

Why not build on the 17 acres?

After analyzing all the factors involved in new construction, the best stewardship of our resources comes from reimagining how our existing building can be used.

Note: For those reading this who aren’t aware, the church owns 17 acres of land just a little ways up the street, at the corner of Custer Road and Legacy. It is used for remote parking on Sunday mornings.

Wouldn't this money be better spent on the poor?

Whether a church is doing a massive construction project or just putting new tile in the kitchen, it is always wise to ask, “How is God calling us to best use His resources?” The plans for our building stem not from a desire to serve ourselves, but to serve the vision for what God has called this church to be. Money spent now will help bring new disciples for Christ and growth for decades to come, and should enable greater and expanded service to the poor in our community.

What is the construction timeline?

Upon approval from the congregation of the plans and cost estimates, the final designs, estimates and permits will be obtained. Construction is anticipated to begin in March of 2017 and the project will take 14-16 months to complete.

What do we do when space is under construction?

We get creative! At this point it’s too early to tell what will happen and when, but we are confident that we can move things around and make it work. All the staff and lay leaders of the church are on board with this vision, so we are confident we can navigate temporary discomforts and inconveniences to achieve the long-term changes.

Who are the architects we are working with?

We are working with HH Architects from Dallas. They bring incredible vision and have built state-of-the-art worship spaces across America. They are adept at working with churches who are currently utilizing the building space which is being reconfigured, helping us make transitions with as little interruption as possible.

Who is our General Contractor?

Our building committee met with and selected Hill and Wilkinson as General Contractor for the renovation. You can read a little bit about them here. They have worked on various state-of-the-art projects, and we are confident in their ability to execute our vision for Custer Road UMC.

The original estimates were very high, so how did the committee bring the estimates down?

The building committee first prayed for guidance and discernment after the original estimates came in.  Then they methodically compared the plans and estimates to the church vision and pillars to discern areas where reductions could be made.  This process was completed hand-in-hand with the architects and general contractor.  This team met weekly for three months to revise the plans so they could be taken back to the marketplace for estimates.  

 The committee focused heavily on serving the vision and calling it felt God has placed on our church. As a result, the current plans and estimates represent the committee’s recommendation on the facility plan to position Custer Road UMC for the next 35 years of ministry in Plano.

Why do the new plans omit a chapel?

 Due to many questions regarding the chapel, we have created a special Chapel Frequently Asked Questions page to help. 

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