Our Plans










From the sidewalk and facing the church, the most noticable difference to the exterior is the large 2 story glass wall that extends along a significant portion of the front of the church building. This glass creates a more modern look and will allow light into a new more open corridor that will connect our Sanctuary, Children’s Area, Modern Worship space, and offices.


This view shows what it will look like just inside the glass front doors, then looking left (south). As you can see, the secure Children’s Ministry area is obvious and centrally located. The first floor will be for our youngest babies up through preschool. The grand staircase to the right will lead upstairs to the elementary children’s area, and also will lead down to the basement for adult Sunday School classrooms.

If one were to turn around, the Sanctuary would be easy to get to, with this new open corridor providing easy traffic flow for our Sunday morning crowds. Further down this hallway and to the right is where the new modern worship and conference space will be.


Learning to love Jesus in a fun and secure environment is important to us at Custer Road. The new re-designed children’s area will have single point of entry secure check-in desks, classroom space for engaging learning, and an indoor play area.


This main staircase will be a major connector between basement classrooms, the main floor, upstairs children’s area, and even the Youth area (since it will now be possible to  walk from the Upper Room along a front hallway on the second floor, all the way to the Sanctuary.)

The beautiful stained glass window that graces the front of our current chapel is a focal point of this staircase. Even with all the change around it, it will be in almost the exact same position as it is now.


Our elementary aged students will find a warm welcome in a new area just for them. Easy to find at the top of the stairs, this area too will have a secure single access point check in desk and welcome station. And beyond the doors, our kids will find new classrooms and some larger gathering areas. The indoor play area will also make it a place they’ll love coming to, even throughout the week.


One of the needs identified by our Worship Pillar team was for a modern worship space, easily accesible, visible, and well-designed. We look forward to expanding the reach and ministry of our church through offering different worship styles.


Yes, this is really the same space as our Modern Worship space. But why use such a great space only on Sunday mornings? The ability to have banquets, conferences, recitals, meetings, receptions, and sacred gatherings will fill an important niche. This room will be designed with flexibility in mind, giving event hosts all the tools they need for success.


It’s the little things that can make a significant difference, right? A simple plan has been made to create a new entrance into The Upper Room. This will help tremendously to make it easier to find and get in and out of this versatile space.


A number of our restrooms will be getting a major overhaul. They will be modernized, enlarged, and access points will be improved. And we’ll be adding family restrooms, too. 


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